The moment he saw Avery, the man knew they were destined to be together. Was it love at first sight? Maybe yes, maybe no, but one thing was clear: she was everything he could've ever wanted in a girl. And when she told Liam - that's the guy's name - about her dirty, naughty fantasies, it made him drop everything and work hard just to keep her satisfied.

So, what exactly is this nasty young woman dreaming of? She wants Liam to be her baby daddy and is asking to be his spouse. There's nothing wrong with a kinky lady, is there? Besides, it's a big turn-on for the man, so, he decides to give in to her unusual request and show her what a husband usually does with his wife when the lights are out. Now, she's a virgin with a strong desire of becoming a grown-up girl; thankfully, she's got just the right fella to take care of her little "problem".

Her sweet, innocent and sexy body is calling to Liam, making him come back for more, even though he did think that he'd have enough of gorgeous curves and full, lush lips after one hot night together. However, Avery vanishes the next day, disappears without leaving a single trace behind. He doesn't even know her first name or her home address, which makes finding her quite a difficult task.

All he can remember is the taste of her body and the confidence that they started something real. Liam is hooked and will never stop looking for her. She belongs to him now, and when he finally gets on her trail, he'll make sure to tell her that they're supposed to be together, whether she wants it or not. HIS Everything mixes sweetness with naughtiness and innocence with nastiness, which makes up for a brilliant erotic novel. If you're a fan of kinky, filthy stories, this one is for you!

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