His-Heart-Ain't-Loyal-2-By-KC-MillsAre you a big fan of urban romance and that "street flavour"? Well, if you are, then KC Mills is pretty much the perfect writer for you. She knows how to talk about those thugs and sisters to grab your attention from the get-go. She's been a part of that life for quite a long time, so you could call her an "insider".

His Heart Ain't Loyal 2 is the sequel to the buzz-worthy first chapter, and the stakes are even higher this time. Larken feels like somebody dropped a bomb on him the second Jacie walks into his life and claims she's expecting a baby. Yes, he does want to call her a liar and a kid right now is the last thing he's thinking about, but the truth is - he doesn't remember a thing about that one night when he was drunk as hell and spent the night with the babe.

At the same time, Sydney was hoping that everything was finally going back to normal. However, this whole baby thing has got the girl really confused and frustrated. She doesn't know what to do: should she stay by her fella and help him go through these tough times, or is it just another sign for her to leave everything behind and run?

Meanwhile, Mel and Reno are forced to admit that their perfect life isn't as ideal as they wanted it to be. They both had crossed the line, and now they're not nearly as convinced they're destined to be together. Rich if head over heels for Sydney and his lust for her could very well destroy his family. He loves them too much to hurt them like that. Or does he? His Heart Ain't Loyal 2 is a hot, sexy, fancy urban drama about love, loss, betrayal, secrets, and lies. KC Mills wrote yet another must-have for the fans.

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