We all know and love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the king and the godfather of modern-day detective fiction. As for this book, it's a fine collection of Holmes tales that were already published somewhere in the past. It came out in 1917 - 100 years ago - but the critics are still naming it one of the best reads for the fans of the genre.

Overall, there are nine top-of-the-line tales that invite the readers to dive into a world of secrets, lies, treachery, honor, faith, and devotion. If you love the atmosphere of the 20th century and the whole Sherlock Holmes phenomenon that's going on right now (see Elementary and Sherlock on the TV), make sure to check this book out. It's witty, smart, fun, exciting and gripping, which is a perfect combination for the genre.

It's safe to say that Mr. Holmes is one of the greatest fictional characters in history and several generations have been enjoying Doyle's brisk writing, engrossing plots and the genius of Sherlock for a full century. Furthermore, the majority of the ideas, concepts, and laws of the genre that we witness in the contemporary books, movies, and TV shows, were invented by this brilliant writer!

Yes, that's right: Conan Doyle is considered to be one of the greatest writers to ever be published because of his genre-defining books and the mighty legacy that he left after himself. So, again, if solving mysterious crimes, making sense of peculiar events and dealing with all kinds of ridiculous and not-so-much characters is your cup of tea, His Last Bow should have a permanent place in your library. If not, well, it's never too late to give it a try!

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