hitched-by-kendall-ryanWhen it comes to steamy, naughty and super-sexy romantic novels for the ladies, Kendall Ryan is a prominent figure in contemporary literature. And the Hitched series is one of her best works to date. And now, the readers from all over the world have just the perfect opportunity to get the trilogy for a reduced price! Yep, it's an awesome Christmas present that you should never miss.

Noah has a "mission" to complete: get a gorgeous young woman pregnant. Sounds pretty easy, right, given the fact that she's his wife. Well, not exactly, because she doesn't really like him and wants nothing to do with him. The thing is - their good-old dads are ready to give them their 100-billion-dollar company. On one condition - they go on with the wedding and give them an heir to the throne.

Here's the game-changer: Olivia, the future wife, has no clue about the "baby-making" part, and it's gonna be pretty hard for the poor fella to get her knocked up. The bright side is - Noah is not one to back down from a challenge, so, it's officially on! He's got three months to get a baby inside of her, and, even though she can't stand being in close proximity with him, let alone sleep in the same bed and do all kinds of naughty things in it, he's confident that he'll have her begging for more before the deadline runs out.

Hitched is an exciting, hot and hilarious series that will have you laughing out loud and enjoying every single page. Kendall Ryan put her heart and soul into each volume and now that you've got a chance to consume them all in one go, it seems like an ideal purchase. Love, hate, endurance, flings and strong emotions – it’s all there.

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