hitler-by-volker-ullrichHitler is probably the most hated man to ever walk the Earth. People call him the definition of evil, and there have been more than enough studies and documentaries on him to allow the readers to create a complete image of him in their minds. However, there is a whole another side to Hitler, and Volker Ullrich did a marvelous job of depicting it in his brand-new bestseller.

You'll learn about the real story behind the Third Reich, Hitler's rise to power, and more. First of all, the German leader was one of the greatest politicians of his time, and nobody could compete with him in terms of efficiency. Second, despite the popular belief, this man wasn't only a terrifying monster - he was also a human being, a loving, caring person. So, this is more of a personalized story rather than just another chronology of the Nazi leader and the German army machine.

If you even wanted to learn more about the man, rather than the beast, Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939 is the best book for you. It sheds some light on his persona and talks about never-heard-before pages of his life that were defining in his rise to power. Volker Ullrich reveals the heart and soul of Hitler, so to speak, and shares unique facts about his childhood years, his bad luck in Austria, horrible experience in WW1, and, naturally, his involvement with the far-right party.

It's safe to say that nobody could capture the man's state of mind, hopes, and dreams ever before, but Volker most certainly did. Hitler was a monster, but he also was a brilliant politician, a splendid orator and a big patriot of Germany. This book is the closest thing to Hitler's diary that we'll ever get.

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