holding-up-the-universe-by-jennifer-nivenIf you're a fan of All the Bright Places, one of the greatest novels in the last couple of years, then you'll be happy to learn that Jennifer Niven is back with a brand-new book that will - once again - dominate the worldwide sales charts. Holding Up the Universe is a touching, captivating and deeply moving story about what it really means to know everything about someone and love them for who they are.

Everybody knows Libby as the fattest teenage girl in the neighborhood, and they think that there's nothing more to her. No person in the world has ever taken the time to get to know her better. After her mother died, she's been trying to glue the broken pieces, take care of her own devastation and deal with her dad who's completely and utterly broken. But now the girl is ready to go to high-school, meet new friends, fall in love and take full advantage of all the wonders that life sends her way.

Jack is a good-looking, swaged out fella who knows exactly what to do to fit in pretty much every crowd and folks around him think they know everything about the guy as well. However, he has a secret that he's trying desperately to hide: he doesn't recognize anybody's face. He can't even remember his own family. He's a gifted engineer and can rebuild everything in fresh, exciting ways, but he has no idea about what's going on in his own mind.

So, the only way out for him is to keep pretending. Be funny, smart and never fall for anyone. But, it all changes when he meets Libby. When they force them both to do community service, they get to know each other better. And the more they talk, the more connected they feel. Jennifer Niven wrote a brilliant romantic novel for the young adults that's both exhilarating and inspirational. This is a story about people, love, and never-ending bonds.

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