Homegoing: A novel by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing-A-novel-by-Yaa-Gyasi-One day Effia was sold to a British lord. He lived in Africa negotiating to the slave trading process. For some time Effia held in a dark underground prison. Above her stood the Castle, where some time ago lives her sister Esi. British trader used Effia's sister for his sexual needs, and when he got bored with her – he sold the poor woman somewhere in the USA territory.

The Effia's life in the dungeon described in great detail. It is amazing that the author of Homegoing is 26 years old only! For many writers, books like that may be considered as a serious life achievement. The story and the language are the strongest components of this amazing novel.

The structure of Homegoing is very unusual. It is like two interwoven stories. One of them tells us about the life of Effia’s offspring. It is a bloody story of war in Ghana when two main nations wrestle with the colonizers from the Britan empire. And the second story is about Esi and her descendant's life in the New World.

Yaa Gyasi shows us a true history of Africa, including wars between different tribes, peaceful life in African villages and exhausting labor in the slave plantations. Moreover, the book also gives you a vivid picture of the freeman's existence in the North of the continent. The scale of this fictional events can blow your mind. You may say that the Homegoing is one of the greatest American novels of our time. And it is besides that it describes 300 years in Ghana.

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