homeland-by-john-jakesHomeland is a brilliantly written novel about an immigrant from Germany and the story of his family's rise in the United States back when the 20th century was in its prime. The Crown family walked "hand in hand" with the previous century and left their big mark on the young American nation. Pauli, a struggling German man from Berlin, lands in America and heads straight for his uncle's mansion in Chicago.

The uncle's name is Joe, and he's a self-made brewery kingpin. He runs his business with a strong, ruthless hand. At the same time, all the young man wants to do is make his own dreams come true, but will he be able to do that under Joe Crown's command? In this new, uncharted, scary land, Pauli will have to work hard day and night in order to become a respected man and find his true calling.

The boy is surrounded by all kinds of relatives, and every single member of the Crown family is struggling with the ever-changing world and is trying to find himself. As for Pauli, he'll see first-hand what violence, betrayal, and hate really means. Plus, he'll fall in love with a woman that he can never truly be with. Homeland does a fantastic job of depicting the era of Buffalo Bill, Edison, Roosevelt (Theodore) and other historically significant figures.

It's a fundamental novel that's not afraid to be and "sound" fresh while still sticking with the good old traditions of a top-notch book. The story is captivating, and the young man's search for himself is both riveting and heart-warming. Welcome to America, ladies and gentlemen! It's the rise of the 20th century, and John Jakes has a fine story to tell!

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