For as long as Patsy can remember, her whole life has been about Mello, her husband. However, now that she knows he has cheated on her, everything changes. She's left with a kid on her hands and a drinking problem, and the biggest question is - will she find the strength to forgive the only fella that she's ever truly loved? It's not about her anymore, and she's got to think about her child now.

Thor and his woman are going through a rough patch: they do love each other, but they don't feel connected to each other the same way they used to be. Besides, Michelle doesn't really like Maggie, and the girl is starting to get on her nerves. Will she tell Thor about it and make him "banish" her from their lives, or will she just stand there and watch the hussy push up on her gentleman?

Kelsie is in quite a difficult situation as well: she has strong feelings, not for one, but two men, and she doesn't really know what to do and who to turn to. How does she sort things out without hurting anyone and still going for what she wants? She's with Emont, and she knows that Milli is in love with her. And, she's got a job that she can't forget about - it's demanding all of her attention.

Milli is too afraid to tell Kelsie about his feelings, as he's confident she'll push him away. So, he's spending his days and nights with Sonya. It's a "chill" relationship without commitment - just casual sex. Homies, Lovers & Friends 3 is an exciting urban romance that talks about love, dedication, strong bonds, betrayals, big-time secrets, revelations, and more. If you're a fan of drama, this book will be a great pick for you.

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