Urban romance is slowly, but steadily becoming one of the most popular genres in modern-day literature, right next to romantic novels and mystery/psychological thrillers. Love, passion, secrets, lies, strong bonds and all that "gangsta paradise" routine attracts more and more people, and urban books today are topping the international charts like there's nothing to it.

Jahquel J. is a prominent figure in the genre, and her Homies, Lovers & Friends is already a national bestseller. The characters of the franchise have been through a lot, and it might seem like they're finally ready to put the past behind them and build a great future together, but it never gets easier, and they're in for yet another set of scandals, betrayals, and, eventually, redemption.

Thor catches Michelle visiting some dude in prison. Is it that bastard Tasheem, or maybe she has a new man she's hiding from him? The restaurant is no more, and it's time for Thor to decide what to do with Maggie - let her go, or listen to his big, loving heart and let her stick around? Kelsie doesn't know whether she wants to let Miracle be adopted by Milli or not. Marcus is out of the picture, and her daughter really needs a father figure in her life right now.

Milli is all about settling down with Kelsie, but things between her and Emont are not over. At the same time, Mello dreams of fixing things with his wife. She's carrying his baby girl in her belly, and winning her back is the only thing he wants from this life. But Patsy doesn't even want to hear what Mello has to say to her and is focused on herself and the baby. Homies, Lovers & Friends 4 is the final chapter in the bestselling series, a grand finale to an awesome ride. Will these men and women find their happiness after all?

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