Hooking Up: The Psychology of Sex and Dating (The Psychology of Everyday Life)

Hooking-Up-The-Psychology-of-Sex-and-Dating-Katherine-M.-HelmThis book is an engaging and comprehensive resource for high school and college students on modern topics in human sexuality, covering subjects such as gender roles and dating to sexual orientation and sex itself.

• Provides an easy-to-read, comprehensive overview of prominent topics in human sexuality and relationships, presenting a modern perspective on a traditional topic

• Presents research and science-based coverage of human sexuality without use of complex terminology or unfamiliar jargon

• Enables upper high school and collesge-level tudents to develop a better understanding of human sexuality and appreciate the myriad ways it relates to their everyday lives

Katherine M. Helm, PhD, is a licensed psychologist as well as professor of psychology and director of graduate programs in psychology at Lewis University.

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