Hot-Damn-By-Katherine-LaceMaddy, the main character of Hot Damn, the brand-new bestseller by the lovely Katherine Lace, is a single mom with just the right attitude and a gorgeous body. She doesn't want a man by her side - only a fake boyfriend - but Jesse wants her to be his woman. They first met when he pulled the dame out of a collapsing building. He's a firefighter, and he's seen a lot throughout the years, but never before a beautiful naked woman in his big, strong arms.

Hey, the guy's a real pro, and he doesn't want to take advantage of her or anything. But she's got that tasty body and killer smile that makes him forget about everything else in the world. The hard part is - she wants absolutely nothing to do with the guy. She's only interested in having a fake boy-toy for a month or so. A man who's ready to go out with her, take care of her baby and treat her the right way.

Jesse hates pretending, and when he sees something, he takes it. He's practically obsessed with her, and he's spending the best part of his day fantasizing about himself and her together. She's got that flame inside of her, and Jesse knows exactly how to handle fire. So, will the macho bad-boy be able to sweep her off her feet, or is the single mom too good for him?

Hot Damn is a full-length, sizzling, sexy, funny and sweet romantic novel. Katherine Lace wrote a true page-turner that will turn you on from the very first page and keep your heart pumping to the very last one. The bottom line is - if you love erotic romance and appreciate well-written, uplifting and entertaining stories about handsome men and gorgeous women, Hot Damn will be a great pick for you.

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