Wade is a playboy, a rough, tough, big man with a handsome body and a military background. He's the owner of a billion-dollar enterprise, but there's still something missing from his life - that special girl. He dated Emily 5 years ago, and, just when they were about to get serious with the relationship, he had to leave her.

They didn't even get intimate yet, but the army was calling upon him to join the fight overseas. He put war ahead of love, and that's the biggest mistake in his life. So, now he's back in the big city, and he used those five years to build a brick-strong company with a flawless reputation. Wade single-handedly founded it from the ground up and used his military expertise to push through the toughest breaks.

He has everything a woman looks for in a man: wealth, power, influence, charisma, and a ripped body, so, it goes without saying that he can get any young woman he wants. However, all those flings and one-night stands don't satisfy him anymore, and his high-school sweaty keeps popping in his head. There's a lot of intensity and heat left between the two, and Wade is ready to do whatever it takes to fix things with Emily and find happily ever after with her.

He's confident that she'll be able to get over the past and forgive him, but there's one tiny detail about the man that could catch her off-guard: he's a daddy now...Wade is a billionaire bad-boy; Emily is a feisty, sassy BBW: is there a chance for them to be together again? Hot Single Daddy is a fascinating second chance romantic/erotic novel, a steamy story with a happy ending and a lot of sexual tension that will turn y’all on in a matter of seconds.

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