Hot Ticket (The Sinners on Tour)

Hot-Ticket-The-Sinners-on-TourBook 3 of The Sinners on Tour

Dominatrix Aggie Martin is drawn to Sinners' bass guitarist, Jace Seymour, even before he invites himself to her dungeon for a session. Having no use for men, Mistress V (Aggie) has no intention of ever falling for any man-not even the gorgeous, brooding musician who stirs more than her body. Defiant to the point of distraction, Jace is different from Aggie's usual submissives. She soon realizes he's switched their roles with his tender love-making and for once in her life, she's ready to allow a man to take control.

The bite of Mistress V's whip is no match for the pain in Jace's heart, but Aggie's unconditional love might heal what once seemed irrevocably broken.

Olivia Cunning tells a good story. She manages to draw her readers in with a smooth writing style, conversation that sparkles, interesting and life-like characters, humor and a gripping story-line. It is easy to fall a little bit in love with her flawed characters and it isn't long before you find yourself rooting for them. There is a lot of rather dramatic action in this book but all of it served a purpose in the story.

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