Do you know who a bawse is? It's an equally confident, witty, smart, funny and engaging person, someone who's hustling 24/7 and keeps enjoying the world and every single obstacle that comes his/her way. Lilly Singh, the author of this wonderful book, is a modern-day YouTube superstar: she's got an insanely popular channel called Superwoman.

She's an actress and a comedian, and she's always ready to share her wisdom, insights and good mood with her fans. Lilly talks about pretty much everything, including relationships with the boys (and the girls), the importance of following your dreams, the hidden dangers of making a career choice and the everyday routine. Overall, she's got a billion+ views on YouTube, which automatically means her voice is strong, confident and appealing to a wide audience.

However, she wasn't born rich and famous - she had to earn her luck by working hard. Super-hard! And now it's time for her to let her fans know her personal story and share the vital lessons she learned on her way to greatness. In a nutshell, How to Be a Bawse is your ultimate guide for being successful and conquering your own personal Everest. At the same time, it's not a magical book that will make you famous and/or successful overnight.

There are no shortcuts for that, and, again, hard work is imperative. To be victorious in this hard and unforgiving world, you'll need to put both your heart and soul into your dream. As for Lilly's book, it will be a great "companion" on your way to greatness. How to Be a Bawse is written in a funny, uplifting, inspiring and engaging manner and will give you the necessary nudge to stop whatever you're doing and follow your dreams.

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