how-to-build-a-girl-by-caitlin-moranHow to Build a Girl is a super-funny, deeply moving and exciting novel about struggling with your day-by-day problems and making it as a teen. The critics are calling Caitlin Moran one of the greatest young writers in the UK and put her on the same pedestal as Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey, to name a few. She's a bestselling and award-winning author and she's got a refreshing, strong and confident voice that speaks for countless young folks from around the globe.

So, a lot of kids these days ask themselves the same question: what are you supposed to do when you're just a teenager and realize that what your family has been teaching you for all those years is simply not enough in the real world? Well, the answer is simple: you gotta fill in the gaps, meaning find books, movies, songs and everything in between that will give you the necessary tools to build yourself, to make yourself better, faster and stronger.

How to Build a Girl takes place in 1990. Johanna is a 14-year-old girl who has to deal with a disaster: while on local TV, she shamed herself to an extent when she doesn't want to be herself anymore. Yes, she pretty much changes her name and becomes Dolly - a woman that drinks, talks fast and knows everything there is to know about sex. She's a writer, and she will save her family from poverty.

Two years later, she's heavily drinking, smoking and working for a music paper. She's writing dirty and nasty letters to rock stars - that's how she makes money. But soon she realizes that Dolly is not really who she wants to be...How to Build a Girl is a hilarious, insightful, revealingly honest tale of self-help and self-improvement.

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