how-to-read-water-by-tristan-gooleyTristan Gooley is famous for his "love and respect the nature" books that became instant international bestsellers. This man revealed so many awesome things for the regular folks around the world that the critics are calling him an eye-opener. He showed the readers how to connect with Mother Nature and the world itself by looking at the beauty that surrounds us - the stars, clouds, trees - whatever comes to mind.

And now, with How to Read Water, Mr. Gooley is back with his most ambitious project to date: he's ready to talk about the most essential yet the most mistreated resource on planet Earth. That's right, Tristan is talking about water. He spent countless hours researching the power and magic behind water, sailing across the Atlantic, talking to all kinds of top-notch scientists and simple tribal people, and using his own bright mind to make sense of it all, and more.

How to Read Water is a highly unusual, quite entertaining and exciting book to keep around and get back to whenever you want to feel inspired and influenced by our greatest resource. Furthermore, Tristan Gooley's latest offering will also be quite useful "in the household", as it will teach you how to locate north by just looking at puddles; how to guess the weather by checking the waves; how to spot dangerous water when there's no light around; understand the various wave patterns on the beach and do so much more cool stuff!

It's safe to say that you won't ever look at water the same way after you read through How to Read Water. Plus, you'll learn a few fancy tricks to "Wow!" your friends and earn some street credit!

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