Whenever you see James Patterson's name on a book, that automatically means you're in for a real treat. This man is the king of mystery thrillers and knows how to get the readers hooked up from the get-go. Humans, Bow Down is the master's latest bestseller and it will most certainly surprise you with the whole science fiction angle. The Great War is finally over, and the machines have successfully won.

The remaining humans have a choice to make: either bow down and do whatever the monstrous robots they created tell them to do, or be forever banned and sent to a place called the Reserve, a harsh, brutal landscape with unforgiving rules. The machines have no souls or hearts, and that means they've got no compassion and/or feelings. They're just doing whatever their vicious ruler is telling 'em to do.

The plan is to crash our last fort and make sure that every single human being bows down and obeys their will. However, they have no idea that there's something far more dangerous and menacing than a foe that feels and fears nothing: a woman who's got nothing to lose. Her name is Six, and she's sworn to avenge her dead parents and to save her relatives who are slowly dying in prison.

She's got a mission - to hit the robots where it hurts and to end their reign of terror. Dubs is her trusty partner, and together they're embarking on a life-changing journey. They’re on the run from the bots, but, at the same time, they're trying to save mankind and stop the robots from erasing our race from the face of the planet. Humans, Bow Down is a breath-taking science fiction slash thriller that redefines the genre with an epic story, a fascinating narrative, and James Patterson's trademark writing.

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