It's a known fact that business and pleasure don't mix that good. And Nate, an ambitious, striving young fella, knows that all too well. However, he could never predict that a fling could turn into war and then into love. But that’s exactly what happened with him and Emma. They just hooked up one day, without thinking about the consequences - casual sex, end of story.

Nate had no idea who she really was and would never imagine seeing her again, especially in the big-bad room where his future was getting shaped. Yet, there she was, sitting down right in front of him in the boardroom. Yep, it happens sometimes, and all he can think about now is beating her as an opponent. The hot, dirty sex is well behind them now, and the boardroom is like their battlefield.

Emma is his enemy, or, rather, his rival, and he can't be merciful with her because she most certainly won't be cuddling him anytime soon. This is an open confrontation between two arrogant and brilliant people. Crushing each other is the #1 task, but they can't deny the mutual attraction that's growing stronger by the minute.

And it's not just about sex - it's about something deeper, something that could make them happy or break them - both physically and financially. Nate tells himself to hate Emma, but every time he does, this sudden urge to grab her hair and kiss her overwhelms him. Initially, he just wanted to take her company for a spin, but now it's different. She is his big prize, and nothing can stand between him and his woman. Hungry Boss is filled with passion and you can almost feel the pages burn as you turn them. Luke Steel did a great job with this one!

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