I-Am-Malala-By-Malala-YousafzaiMalala, a young girl from Pakistan, couldn't let the Taliban get away with all the horrifying things that they've done, and that's why she spoke out. She refused to run away and fought for herself and for the whole nation. Back in 2012, when she was just a 15-year-old girl riding the bus home, she was shot by the criminals in the head, but a miracle saved her. Everybody in that bus thought that she was gone, but the girl is still fighting the good fight, and this book, I Am Malala, is her strongest weapon against the oppressors.

She could've died that day, but she was saved by the angels to continue on the path that she chose at such an early age. She embarked on an amazing journey from a small valley in Pakistan into the list of international best-sellers. When she turned 16, this brave girl became the youngest nominee for the Nobel Prize. Today, she's a symbol of hope, a symbol of protest against the tyrants, the voice of reason.

I Am Malala is the story of a family that was uprooted by terrorists, a story about a brave father who wanted nothing more for his daughter but to be happy and to follow her dreams. In a society where girls don't have the same right as the boys, Malala had to struggle on every step of the way, but, thanks to her parents' enormous love, she broke all the barriers and achieved so much more than she could even dream about.

This international bestseller is like a beacon of hope for all those people who still have to deal with injustice and can't see an end to the constant horrors in their lives. It's a call to action, a very powerful one. And, at the same time, it's a super-motivational tale about the power of a single person and the fact that even the oppressed can make a difference and change this world for the better.

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