I Am Not Your Negro is a breath-taking, insightful and revealing documentary movie about the ever-growing fight against inequality and racial hate in America and everywhere else around the world. As for the self-titled book, it's like best-of-the-best from James Baldwin, the legendary freedom fighter, the select parts from his several books, letters, notes and conversations with the regular folks and the elite.

Today, in 2017, all of these publications are as relevant as ever, as the country is facing a new wave of criminal activity, ethnic hate, and disgust. Mr. Raoul Peck mixed all those various and separate texts together and turned them into a mighty book that Baldwin himself never really had the time or opportunity to write.

Yes, it's a collection of the best of the best, but it also holds a great value both for the historians and the freedom fighters. Besides, most of what you'll read in the book has never been published. Before the icon passed away, he was talking a lot about writing a book describing his three buddies that were killed for speaking the truth and not being afraid to go against the system. They were MLK, Malcolm X, and, of course, Medgar Evers.

These intimate, deeply personal notes/letters shed a bright light on all these extraordinary folks and allow us, the modern-day readers, to dive into their hearts and minds, to feel what they felt so many years ago. The history of race in the United States is tragic, and it's now up to the current generation to change that. At the end of the day, I Am Not Your Negro is a vital book for the modern world. It's like a beacon of hope for the black folks and a manual for the rest of us.

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