I-Got-This-By-Laurie-HernandezExceptional young women in sports always inspire and motivate the kids not to be afraid to follow their dreams. They show the modern-day generation that nothing's impossible as long as you believe in yourself. Laurie Hernandez is the proud owner of an Olympic Gold medal, and this is her story, told in her own words. It's her debut book, but it's already an international bestseller!

It comes with exclusive photos, Laurie's tips, tricks, and lifehacks on how to stay positive and keep going no matter what and more insight into her dashing performance on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. She's just a 16-year-old girl, but she's already accomplished more than the rest of us do in our entire lives. She made the majority of her dreams come true, and she's got her whole life ahead of her.

She's a Latina, born in Jersey, and when they hand-picked her to be a part of the American gymnastics group in Rio, she was blown away by the opportunity. The years of hard work have finally paid off, and that Gold medal was the reward for her exceptionalism, professionalism, and dedication. Next, she conquered the hearts and minds of the Americans when she took part in the famous TV show.

Laurie became the youngest winner of the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy! I Got This is a funny, witty and poignant book about a regular girl who believed in herself and made wonders happen. The fans will learn about her training, her family, what she had to sacrifice for the Olympic triumph and where she's keeping those precious medals. This book will captivate and mesmerize you and you'll fall for Laurie - you've been warned!

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