Kyle Cease has spent 25 full years working towards turning his dreams into a reality: he wanted to be a headlining comedian slash actor, but, as soon as he got what he dreamed of, the man suddenly realized that he wasn't the happiest man on planet Earth. He thought that all it would take for him to be ever-joyful would be a perfect career, yet, that wasn't even partially true.

So, he decided to do something big: leave his booming career of a stand-up artist and turn into something of a "Sensei", a person who flies around the world and shares his self-help and improvement wisdom with folks in sold-out arenas. His new show is an even bigger success than his career as a comedian; plus, he's finally doing what he really loves and is proud to say that he's a happy man these days.

I Hope I Screw This Up is, in fact, a ground-breaking book that helps people from all over the world realize that happiness isn't something hidden on a faraway island but is, indeed, right there around the corner, and that all we have to do is go and grab it. Real happiness is not measured by wealth, social status or anything like that - it's a state of mind, one that we should be aiming at.

Only by facing and embracing our fear, insecurity, pain and vulnerability will we be able to achieve our goals in life. Don't push it all away - welcome it! Kyle Cease has lived through it all, and that makes him the perfect man for this job. By sharing his own personal experiences with the audience, he uses his exceptional sense of humor to talk about complicated things in a plain-and-simple way. If you want to obtain emotional freedom and find your happiness on every step of the way, grab a copy of I Hope I Screw This Up.

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