i-know-this-much-is-true-by-wally-lambWally Lamb shocked the world with his game-changing debut, She's Come Undone, a powerful, heart-wrenching story of a woman who, despite all odds, walked the road towards self-discovery and found true meaning in her life. Naturally, the world was eagerly waiting for Mr. Lamb to deliver his second novel, and here it is: please welcome I Know This Much Is True, a heartbreaking, breathtaking, atmospheric saga from one of the greatest writers of our time.

The story focuses on the reproductive link between forgiveness and destruction, the power of love and the devastating force of hate. This is a book about life and death, connection and alienation, finding true love and losing the ones closest to you. In a way, it's a modern-day version of a centuries-old Hindu legend, but the author did so much more than just a retell.

The ancient myth claims: if you manage to change yourself, you'll get yourself a ticket to a new, renovated home, an exciting new world. And Wally Lamb uses this motto to show us, the contemporary readers, that despite the fact that those words were written a very long time ago, the fundamental things in this universe never change.

If you love strong, meaningful, emotionally powerful novels about following your dreams, doing the right thing and not being afraid to step into the unknown, then I Know This Much Is True will be a wonderful read for you. This is a book about life itself, about the choices we make and about the magic that follows us on every step of the way. It's inspiring, encouraging and life-changing. Above all, the author's writing is off-the-charts, so, don't be afraid to dive in!

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