if-she-only-knew-by-lisa-jacksonLisa Jackson has more than a few bestselling series behind her back, and San Francisco is most definitely one of them. The critics are calling her the queen of modern-day mystery thrillers, and If She Only Knew is one of her best novels to date. This is a 100% blockbuster, a page-turner. and a spellbinding read. The twists and turns keep coming, and you'll never guess what's waiting for you around the next corner.

A terrible accident takes Maria's memories away, leaving her to wonder who she truly is and what happened to her on that fateful day. It all started in Cali. It was dark outside, and 2 cars drove into each other. The driver of the first car died on the spot, while the other one ended up in a coma. When she came to, her memories were gone completely, and the doctors had already "reconstructed" her face.

Her family is right there next to her, and they keep telling her that she's Maria. However, she can't get herself to remember any of them and they are all just strangers in her mind. All she can do is try and recover in her mansion, hoping for something to trigger at least some of the memories back. But for now, Maria has this strong feeling that she's not actually who everybody tells her she is and that something very wrong is happening without her even knowing about it.

And, she knows that someone's coming after her - to put her down. He's just waiting for the right time and place to deliver that deadly blow. Will "Maria" be able to remember everything before it's too late? Read If She Only Knew and find out! Lisa Jackson wrote a well-crafted mystery thriller that’s full of suspense and will keep the fans on the edge of their cushy seats.

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