if-you-only-knew-by-kristan-higginsKristan Higgins delivers a smart, funny, heart-warming and heart-wrenching story about sisters, marriage, being in love, letting go and moving on. Jenny thought that it would be a piece of cake to forget about her ex-husband and to move on, but it's actually a really hard thing to do. Besides, his brand-new wife wants to be BFFs with her for some reason, and that drives Jenny crazy.

She desperately needs some alone time, away from this craziness, so, she leaves the busy Manhattan life and moves back to her hometown where she hopes to start over and get some inspiration from her sister Rachel's amazing family. Hey, maybe she'll even have some fun with Leo, the handsome neighbor from downstairs who she can't stay away from! However, Rachel's "ideal" marriage seems to be crashing down when she starts to suspect that her husband is cheating on her.

Now, she always knew that if something like that ever happened, she'd simply walk away from it all, but she's not really sure that's the best move for her right now. Rachel claims that their parents never had a perfect marriage, but they managed to forgive each other and to be happy together. But Jenny knows that it's not really true, and, even though it's gonna be one of the hardest things in her life, she'll have to reveal a family secret that she's been hiding from everyone ever since she was a little kid.

This secret might be the one thing that will destroy her relationship with Rachel, but she can't keep lying to her like that, especially when her marriage is at stake...The girls will have to let go of the past and find happiness in the present. Furthermore, they'll have to help each other find their own path and get what they really want from this life.

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