Illusion-Town-By-Jayne-CastleThe Illusion Town is a fascinating "settlement" in the middle of the desert and attracts the "tourists" with luxurious hotels, casinos, and a unique atmosphere. Once you arrive in this town, you get a ticket for the most amazing ride of your life. The main character of the book, Hannah West, isn't really the one and only girl who woke up in the Illusion Town married to somebody she doesn't know, but, on top of that, she doesn't even remember the ceremony! The strange this is - her new husband doesn't have a clue about what's going on either.

The only thing that the two do remember is that they are running from something (or somebody), but can't figure out why... Hanna had it rough in the past, and with her questionable background and an attitude, she could’ve gotten herself into a much bigger trouble. Soon, she starts to enjoy the company of the highly intelligent heir of a mining company and tries to learn everything she can about him.

Eventually, Hanna and Elias, her "spouse", decide to break free and leave the town, and that's when they end up in the catacombs - a whole another underground world where they'll finally learn about the biggest secrets in their lives. Jayne Castle's brand-new book got it all: mystery, big reveals, strong, colorful characters, love, magic - you name it. Fantasy has never been so stylish, sexy and exciting!

The sparks are flying, the tension is rising and the stakes are higher than ever. Plus, the chemistry between the main characters is amazing and makes you laugh all the time. Jayne Castle, the author of 50+ bestsellers, delivers yet another off-the-charts novel. It's a lively and fast-paced story that will be perfect for a nice evening read.

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