im-judging-you-by-luvvie-ajayiLuvvie Ajayi delivers a nationwide bestseller with I'm Judging You, a healthy kick up the butt for all the modern-day boys and girls who are struggling with the day-to-day routine. Ajayi is a brilliant comedian and social activist, plus, she's got an insanely popular blog that's packed with useful advices, tips and tricks on how to survive the craziness that's going on around us and how to make ourselves better.

By the way, the aforementioned blog has an audience of half-a-million readers per month, and that means you should check it out right before you grab your copy of I'm Judging You. It's like the perfect place to catch up on everything important that's happening right now and to get some inspiration for the week. As for the book, it's Ajayi's debut, and it's a collection of funny, smart and uplifting stories/essays that examine the current cultural obsessions and talk about every last "trending" thing.

You'll learn about how the digital world is going to ruin the real one, why it's important to follow all the latest TV shows - stuff like that. At the same time, the author also starts serious discussions about nationality, race, and religion. The book doesn't feel sophisticated or complex; on the contrary - it feels like talking to a good friend of yours and discussing everything that bothers you in this world.

Luvvie Ajayi's wit, sense of humor and compelling writing style turn I'm Judging You into a must-have for all the intelligent folks out there who want to do better. We need to bring kindness and love into pop culture, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, our own lives, and this book might just be the greatest way to start!

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