In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

In-a-Dark,-Dark-Wood-by-Ruth-WareDespite the obvious allusion to a such perfect specimen of psychological thriller as “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, Ruth Warve’s detective novel called “In a Dark, Dark Wood” leaves its own unforgettable after-taste.

The narration unveils the main character, Nora by name, a young woman who is a detective writer living quite a secluded life in a small town near London. Her ordinary day comprises several routine activities including checking emails.

One day Nora received an unexpected invite note to a bridal shower arranged by Florence Clay on the occasion of Clare Cavendish’s wedding. Clare used to be a closest friend of Nora during the times of her adolescence in Reading. Nora who has not seen Clare since she left her home ten year ago remembers her as a real Beauty Queen, capricious and willful. At this very point it becomes obvious that Nora’s departure from Reading has some secrets. She had to change her name even.

Among the other people invited to this party Nora knows only one name – Nina de Souza, a young and witty doctor who has just come back from the mission in Colombia. Nina is also her friend since childhood but opposed to Clare, Nina and Nora are still in touch with each other. They decided to attend the party. The other quests are Florence Clay, the hostess, worshiping Clare as a goddess since the times of their friendship in university; Melanie Cho, a young mom and a lawyer; and Tom Deuxma, the only male quest, who is a gay playwright. All the invitees gather in the majestic country house and the curtain is ready to drop.

Apart from the skillfully created suspicious environment, the author inhabits it with the perfectly depicted characters. The narration is absorbing as it should be in a good classy thriller and you will not be able to interrupt reading until all your questions will be answered.

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