In-Farleigh-Field-By-Rhys-BowenIn Farleigh Field is a near-perfect English historical drama that is equally romantic, suspenseful, gripping, touching and stylish. Rhys Bowen created a true masterpiece that will linger on long after you turn that very last page. WW2 suddenly arrives at Farleigh Place, the luxurious mansion of Sir Westerham and his gorgeous 5 daughters - a trooper falls right in the middle of the manor and dies due to a failed parachute.

The man's uniform and belongings don't seem to be English, so Ben, a long-time friend of the family and an MI5 agent, has a mission: to figure out who exactly the soldier is and whether he's a Nazi spy or not. This highly important assignment gives the operative an opportunity to be close to Pamela, one of the five girls in the house, the one that he's been in love with for quite some time now.

Soon, he discovers that she's got a little secret of her own: the young lady has decided to work at the British state-of-the-art facility that's focused on breaking the codes. A hot trail of spies, government traitors, and rogues leads Ben to a shocking conclusion: there are some people in the royal circle that want to change history - and not in favor of England.

Now, in order to stop these villains and save the country, he'll need Pamela's full support and cooperation. In Farleigh Field is partially inspired by real events that took place during WW2. Rhys Bowen created a gripping, engrossing tale of love, family, secrets, lies, duty and honor. The stakes are higher than ever, and the fate of the country is at stake. Will the hard-boiled MI5 agent and the young code-breaker prevail?

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