Cass had an incredible night with Scarlett, a gorgeous girl, but it never got past that one-night-stand stage. He fell in love, but she just vanished without saying goodbye. Now, even though it was years ago, Cass still remembers everything about her. At the same time, the man knows that they'll never meet again. He went on and became a pro tattoo artist, bringing his art to people and making an honest living.

But, the one thing that he doesn't know is that she was carrying his baby - nobody ever told him. And, just when he's ready to forget about his crazy affection and move on with his life, Diem, Scarlett's best friend, knocks on his door and drops a huge "bomb" on his head: the love of his life died in a tragic accident, and now he's the one and only person in the world that can and should take care of their baby.

Yep, Cass has a daughter, so, that officially makes him a single dad. Obviously, this news flips his life 180 degrees and shocks the guy. Being a father is a huge responsibility, and you can never be truly ready for it. Diem has been raising the kiddo as her own, and she tried to keep her all to herself, but the truth is - Cass, her biological dad, deserves to know that he has a child.

However, she could never expect the "baby daddy" to be a big, bulky, tattooed and ripped fella with an incredible smile and a sexy attitude. He's exactly the kind of a man that she needs by her side right now, but it feels kinda wrong to "take away" her deceased BFF's man. That's right - the two fall in love with each other! In Her Words is equally sweet, hilarious, heart-wrenching and addictive. The storyline is captivating and the characters are simply adorable.

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