In-Praise-Of-The-Bees-By-Kristin-GleesonKristin Gleeson delivers a mighty historical mystery thriller that will grab your attention from the introduction. Welcome to Ireland, 590. A lady is found by a track - she's got scary wounds and can't remember anything. She nearly escaped death, but her injuries are gruesome, and she's terrified, so, they give her shelter in a very special nun community.

Her name is Aine, and she has no idea that there's a horrifying war bein' waged behind her back. She's just a small piece to the puzzle, and soon, some of the memories start to come back to her. The tiny fragments are even more appalling, and the woman decides to stay in the community for a little longer, hoping she'll be safe there. At the same time, she doesn't know a thing about it.

Fate has a plan for Aine, and she's about to make a series of life-changing choices, some of which could potentially put her in harm's way. This is a story about a fearless young lady who's caught right in the middle of a conspiracy and needs to find her own self before she can move on with her life and unravel the real truth behind her wounds.

In Praise of the Bees is a brilliant historical novel that's partially inspired by real-world women - sophisticated female characters that did everything in their power to oppose the disgraceful prejudices of the society that claims women have no rights whatsoever. Kristin Gleeson describes one of the most important periods in the history of Ireland, and she's spent countless hours on research, which allowed her to stay true to the historical facts and still create her own narrative. In Praise of the Bees is, without a doubt, an exceptional mystery thriller. It's both ridiculously entertaining and thought-provoking.

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