in-such-good-company-by-carol-burnettCarol Burnett is a living legend, and she's one of the greatest female comedians this world has ever seen. Plus, she's got a few international bestsellers behind her back that are both hilarious and inspiring. As for her latest book, In Such Good Company, it's the perfect behind-the-scenes access for all the fans of her ground-breaking weekly series.

It's no secret that The Carol Burnett Show is among the most iconic TV shows in history, and Carol did a wonderful job of letting the regular folks take a look inside the whole process of creating and airing the program She's just the perfect woman for this kind of a thing, and that means we've got yet another bestseller on our hands. It's charming, captivating and revealing, and, even if you've never been a fan of her work, you'll most definitely have a great time reading this super funny, smart and inspirational memoir by a strong, confident, successful woman.

You'll learn about tons of little-known stories, things that made the show what it is today, some funny tales that will lift your spirit, and so much more. The author shares a complete picture of the show, including the original idea(s) and its transformation into one of the best programs on American television.

Burnett is a charming, highly intellectual entertainer, and In Such Good Company is a story about all the tiniest details that allowed her show not only to stay on both feet but also to skyrocket to the top of the mountain back when the competition was simply brutal. One of the greatest things about this book is that you'll get the chance to read about all the costars, guests and everybody else in between - the people who made it all possible.

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