in-the-company-of-women-by-grace-bonneyToday, in the 21st century, women are finally living up to their full potential, and Grace Bonney is here to show us just how incredible the ladies are these days. Women from all over the world are starting their own companies, businesses and taking the entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. In the Company of Women is an essential book that includes more than 100 inspiring, influential and strong-willed women of all nationalities, ages, religion, and backgrounds.

This is the ultimate tribute to the outstanding work that women are doing on a daily basis. The readers will find tons of practical, useful advice for those who are struggling with the daily routine and want to change their lives for the better. And the interviews shed that much-needed light on the key elements of success and accentuate the importance of sticking true to your goal and never backing down.

Plus, they give the new generation of women the right kick to believe in themselves and do some great things. The main idea behind this book is you gotta trust your gut, find a person that will love and support you, create a to-do list for every single day and have tons of patience. Only then will you be able to move mountains (or, at least, start a booming business).

In the Company of Women comes with lots of high-res photographs of these brilliant women in their workplaces to further inspire the readers. A book like that doesn't come around very often, so, if you want to learn about the most amazing women of the modern-day society, just read In the Company of Women and get inspired! Sometimes all you need to make it in this life is a simple advice or someone to look up to.

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