in-the-shadow-of-lakecrest-by-elizabeth-blackwellHistorical thrillers are internationally loved and praised by the fans, as they take us into different time periods and hook us up with a unique atmosphere and gripping, riveting plots. Elizabeth Blackwell invites us to Chicago, 1928. Kate, the main character of the story, is desperately trying to escape the poverty and devastation that haunted her in the childhood days.

So, when Lady Luck brings her close to a dashing heir to enormous Chicago riches, she's confident that the man is her perfect "getaway plan". She meets him on an ocean liner and thinks that as long as she keeps her past buried, everything's going to be fine. Eventually, Kate marries Matthew, the wealthy fella, but soon she starts to realize that something's off about her man and his big, fortunate family. She has no other options but to close her eyes on his disturbing past, his despotic mom and weird sis.

The Lemont estate is big, gorgeous and secluded, and Kate feels trapped in those scary walls. Matt's aunt disappeared into thin air a few years ago, and nobody wants to talk about it, which makes the girl think that her husband had something to do with that. Obviously, she can't just sit around and do nothing when there's even the slightest possibility that she's living side-by-side with a murderer, so, Kate begins a dangerous search for the truth.

Slowly, she digs deeper and deeper into a blood-chilling maze of the Lemont family's long-buried secrets, questioning her own sanity along the way. Will the girl be able to break free from their grip, or is it already too late? In the Shadow of Lakecrest is a brilliantly written, expertly crafted page-turner for the fans of historical mystery thrillers. Elizabeth Blackwell created a true masterpiece that keeps the tension rising to the very end.

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