in-trump-we-trust-by-ann-coulterBelieve it or not, Donald Trump might be the only man in the United States who can fight against the corrupt and broken establishment and make America great again. The media paints him as this monster when in reality he's just an honest businessman who's trying to do his best to bring this country to greatness. Ann Coulter, a best-selling author and a big supporter of Mr. Trump, uses her amazing writing skills, mighty sense of humor and her insight to show folks once and for all that we need to unite our forces and help the republican candidate make some real changes happen.

Trump has been the hero of the 2016 mass media stories ever since he got a real chance at winning the election. The establishment doesn't want him to become the next president because that would mean their defeat. So, that's why they're telling us that he's some kind of a beast who's coming after our freedom, well-being, and wealth - but it's vice versa.

Ann Coulter knows exactly why "The Donald" managed to beat all the 17 republican candidates - because he speaks the truth and he speaks from the bottom of his heart. The author talks about real-world things that will make a great impact on America and that Trump is the one to bring us back to world peace and prosperity. She explains why the conservative folks should forget about their differences and vote for Trump.

America is dying under the pressure of the establishment and the numerous wars that they started on our behalf. Trump will put a stop to that and take care of the regular US citizens who are just trying to make an honest living. The bottom line is - if you're supporting Donald Trump, Ann Coulter's book will make you respect the man even more. And if you're not, In Trump We Trust might be the beginning of your "transformation".

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