We all know and love Mr. Stuart Woods and his books - the fans of breath-taking action/adventure and mystery/thriller books. He always has a trump up his sleeve and manages to shock the readers with a fast-paced, blood-rushing narrative, a great line-up of characters and a couple of twists along the way to keep the tide turning.

Indecent Exposure is the latest addition to the writer's most popular and loved Stone Barrington franchise. The man himself, Stone, has always been an eligible bachelor, a big, handsome man and a frequent guest in the elite political/economic circles. Thus, he's already used to folks gossiping about him and telling all kinds of nonsense about his personality.

However, this time around, he's right in the center of the limelight, and, as it turns out, it's not that easy to stand against the light, so to speak. So, he tries desperately to find a place where he can be and feel alone without all the cameras and microphones set on him. Thus, he turns into some sort of a top-notch agent, taking care of personal matters so discretely that not even the savviest journalists can detect.

But, to his surprise, his countless efforts only lead to more problems and headache. And finally, when Stone goes head to head with a persistent and vicious lady, the fight for his reputation turns into a fight for his life, one that he simply can't lose (for obvious reasons). The critics are calling Indecent Exposure a soap opera, but a highly intriguing, entertaining and exciting one. This is an action-charged ride, a thriller of epic proportions that will keep you up all night.

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