Inferno-By-Dan-BrownDan Brown delivers a record-breaking bestseller with the Inferno and sets a new bar for the genre of mystery, action, and adventure. If you appreciate Italian history, art, and literature, this gripping thriller will be your best bet. Mr. Robert Langdon, a professor of symbology at Harvard, wakes up in a hospital somewhere in Italy. He doesn't remember anything about the last day and a half and is clueless about a mysterious object that he found in his own belongings.

A ruthless assassin, a woman, is coming after him and chasing him through Florence, and that is why the professor and his doctor, Sienna Brooks, can only do one thing - escape, run for their lives. Naturally, they'll have to figure out a centuries-long mystery in order to survive, so, they start their own investigation and sort through a line-up of codes that a genius scientist obsessed with the idea of Apocalypse left behind.

Another thing that this man spent countless hours studying is Dante's The Inferno. Dan Brown is known for writing the best mystery thrillers of our time, but he managed to "jump over his head" with Inferno and create one of the most memorable novels of our time.

If you're a fan of fast-paced, action-packed, gripping and exciting adventure stories with a healthy dose of thriller and mystery in it, this book would be a perfect purchase for you. There are a lot of solid books in the genre, but only Dan Brown can make you guess and second-guess on every single page and deliver a shocking twist at the very end. Bottom line is - if you want to be entertained and get a nice boost of adrenaline, Mr. Brown is the man to turn to.

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