inked-by-lauren-landishIf you're a fan of romantic "bad-boy" novels that turn you on and get you excited in a matter of seconds, then Inked is exactly what you've been looking for! Zane is the perfect alpha male, and all it takes for him to make the ladies go crazy is one smile. And, after they spend one night with him, they're ready to do anything for him and want to be with him for eternity.

However, he's not really interested in any serious relationships and is only good for a one-night-stand kind of thing. Well, nothing lasts forever, and one day he meets Madeline, a near-perfect girl who steals his heart the second their eyes meet. He doesn't want to admit it at first, but there's nothing he can do about it. She's the kind of a girl that Zane is used to hanging out with for a couple of nights, and he wants to do all kinds of things to her.

But, she doesn't seem to be interested, and that's a first for the ultimate bad-boy. Madeline is occupied with other things and has no time for a relationship/fling - she simply keeps saying "No" to everything that Zane is offering. But he's not going to stop until he gets exactly what he wants, and that's when the story takes and unexpected twist. Madeline moved in next door, and Zane thinks that now she's his "perfect prey".

At the same time, he doesn't know about her past bad relationships with men, just as she doesn't know that he used to be involved with a dangerous mob. Madeline's one and only goal is to get a degree, find a good enough job and to get herself together. Inked is a perfect romantic novel for the ladies. It's hot, sexy, wild and intriguing, plus, it features an alpha-male with a good heart and a do-everything-right girl who are destined to be together.

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