inner-engineering-by-sadhguruSadhguru is a world-famous yogi, visionary, philosopher, philanthropist - you name it - and now he's finally ready to share his knowledge with the readers in the West. This book will guide you on the righteous path towards peace, joy, and happiness with the help of yoga. Now, yoga is not just a couple of exercises to do in the morning - there's so much more to it. It's a complex, sophisticated method that you can use to your own advantage.

Self-improvement is the main idea behind this system, and it will allow you to access you deepest, strongest sources of energy, resulting into a healthy, productive, optimal life. Yoga is a means of achieving your biggest goals, shaping the world around you exactly how you want it, becoming the architect of your day-by-day routine, your joy, inspiration, and hope. Yoga is a way of living; it's a choice, a strong commitment.

And, if you want to be in control of your life, do something great with it and inspire others, Sadhguru's brand-new book will be your perfect guide into this inspiring, breath-taking world of endless possibilities. The author tells his own story - how he came to understand and love yoga, how he struggled to master it and what it all means for him today. It's an inspirational story, one that will give you the necessary nudge to overcome your fears and become a member of the wonderful yoga family.

The man is a humanitarian, and his teachings help millions of folks around the globe, even though he doesn't really like the word "teacher". Sadhguru calls himself a guru, someone who opens up doors for us, gives us a chance to walk the exciting path of self-improvement. The bottom line is - if you want to feel strong, confident and in control, Inner Engineering should be your handbook.

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