Insane-Clown-President-By-Matt-TaibbiThe international critics are calling Mr. Matt Taibbi the most engaging, "piercing" and fearless political journalist of our time, and he's got just the perfect book to prove them right. The man talks about the Western civilization's decline and the horrors that come with it. The political candidates care more about the spectacle of it all rather than the actual substance of what they're promising the citizens.

The country is torn apart: the white folks are starting a mutiny, the black and Hispanic communities are going crazy for no reason, the elites don't really care about the regular Americans and only want to rob them of their wealth, and the terrorists are about to take over. Both the left and the right political wings have failed - catastrophically. Bernie Sanders couldn't cope with the pressure, while Clinton's campaign was destroyed by her own ignorance and countless lies.

The mass media keeps telling us that everything will be alright and that the globalists are good, fair people. They make us close our eyes when the cops are killing innocent blacks, when the illegals are bombing our homes and the Chinese moguls are stealing our jobs. However, with Donald Trump taking over the White House, the American people have a real chance at taking control back into their hands.

Nobody believed in this man but the people, and now he'll do everything in his power and beyond to deliver on all of his promises. Matt Taibbi follows the man's historical win and shares his own thoughts on what to expect from the next four years with Trump as the POTUS. So, if you want to learn more about the failure and rise of true democracy, the corruption of the national institutes, and the future of the US, make sure to check this book out.

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