Inside the Priory of Sion: Revelations from the World's Most Secret Society - Guardians of the Bloodline of Jesus

Inside-the-Priory-of-Sion-Robert-HowellsFor the first time, inside sources from the reclusive Priory of Sion--thrust into the limelight by Dan Brown's bestselling The Da Vinci Code--share their best-kept secrets, including proof of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene.

The reason is as sensational as the secrets themselves: the apocalypse foretold in the Book of Revelation, culminating in the emergence of a savior sprung from the bloodline of Christ.

Join Robert Howells as he traces the clues to this cataclysm in tombs, temples, churches, manuscripts, and paintings to give readers the truth they need to face the Second Coming without fear.

Robert Howells' Inside the Priory of Sion is one of the latest entries into the field. It has a lot of interesting material, and to do him credit, Howells has explained away some of the more incredible claims and bizarre theories that have grown up around the story.

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