Insidious-By-Catherine-CoulterLadies and gentlemen, please, welcome Insidious - the 20th chapter in the groundbreaking FBI series by Catherine Coulter, one of the greatest authors of our time, the "guru" of mystery and crime novels. This time around, the highly trained and capable agents - Sherlock and his partner - are doing their best to figure out who wants to kill a powerful, influential and rich social hero.

The investigation leads them to all kinds of strange places, but soon they realize that the man/woman who wants to murder the icon is closer and watches her every move. Venus, the woman who's in danger, is a strong, powerful lady who's the head of an influential company. She believes that a man is trying to take her life. And, just when the two agents visit her to discuss all the details, someone makes an attempt to kill her in the middle of the day.

So, the question is - who's trying to get rid of this woman and why? What drives him? Is it someone from her ridiculous family, or maybe it's her own grandson, who was never to be found for 10 full years, but came back recently? The dynamic duo will have to make sense of a complicated situation and sort through all the mighty layers to reveal the shocking truth about the man (woman?) who's targeting Venus.

The second storyline is all about, Cam, an agent , arrives in LA to join forces with a local officer and work on the horrifying case of an insane serial killer who murdered 5 actresses by slitting their throats. The case is really hard to crack, bu when the 6th girl is found dead, the Agent realizes that she's been approaching the case from the wrong side. Insidious by Catherine Coulter is a fast-paced thriller with "Wow!" moments, mighty twists, and a shocking finale that will leave you speechless. If you're a fan of the genre, you should most definitely read it!

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