into-the-thickening-fog-by-andrei-gelasimovAndrei Gelasimov created some nation-wide buzz in Russia back in 2001 when he published his very first book online. Since then, he had 5 of his bestsellers released in English. He's got a unique writing style that combines classic Russian literature with modern-day traditions. Filippov, the main character of the book, finally gets the opportunity he's been waiting for his whole life: a prestigious French theater is ready to stage his brand-new work.

They are happy to take him to the next level, but only in one condition - first, the man will have to cut ties with the guy that he's been friends with ever since they were kids. He's also been his longtime partner, so, the decision is not going to be easy to make. Eventually, the internationally-known and gifted Russian director goes back to the town where he grew up to deliver the bad news to his old friend.

He embarks on a journey to the Far North, where it's always cold, snowy and harsh, and that's when the lines between art and reality begin to blur. Soon, the city's power grid shuts down, leaving the residents and Filippov one-on-one against the scary cold. And, the colder it gets, the more action the man gets involved into. He runs into some of his old lovers, a desperately cold and lonely dog, the devil himself and a mysterious girl who might just be the daughter he never knew. Yes, the trip definitely makes Filippov rethink everything about his life and his decisions.

So, will the famed director agree to the French theater's proposition, or maybe there is another way for him to proceed? Maybe he could save his friendship and still get the international stage? Into the Thickening Fog is both hilarious and riveting. Gelasimov's brilliant writing will make you stay up all night with a warm cup of tea in your hands, even if you're reading the book during the summer heat.

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