If you're a sucker for psychological mystery thrillers, then you have definitely read The Girl on the Train, one of the biggest releases of the 21st century. Paula Hawkins, the author of that phenomenon, is back, and she's got a brand-new page-turner to please the loyal fans. The new novel is just as suspenseful, addictive and riveting - sleepless nights are guaranteed!

The cops find a body of a single mom at the very bottom of the river. Earlier, another body was found in the same river - that of a teenage girl. Could it be that both cases were terrible accidents? That's not likely because they are not the only female victims lost in the twisty waters. A 15-year-old young lady, the daughter of the deceased woman, is going through a rough patch.

She has no mom, no dad, and no friends, which makes her an outcast and a loner. Thankfully, her aunt arrives in town to take care of her. Back in the day, she left everything she knew and loved just to get away from this scary place. She promised herself to never step foot in this town, but how can she leave her niece behind?

The river is hiding centuries-old secrets that threaten to destroy the lives of every single person they touch. Will the estranged relatives find a way out of this mess? Or is it already too late for them? Into the Water is a twisty, shocking thriller that's equally gripping and blood-chilling. The tension keeps rising to an explosive finale that will linger on long after you finish the book. As far as the best books in the genre go, the latest chart-topper from Paula Hawkins is right there among the leaders.

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