Sara Donati is the critically-acclaimed and fan-favored author of the Wilderness series that comprises of six best-selling novels. As for Into the Wilderness, it's the 1st chapter in the franchise and gives a mighty start to the whole story. This is an epic tale of love, loss, and betrayal, a historical masterpiece that will get the readers hooked up from the get-go.

Elizabeth, a single 29-year-old girl, leaves her aunt's comfy mansion in England behind with one thought in mind: to join her dad and bro in the far-away village right in the middle of the NY wilderness and to teach school. Yes, that's what she wants to do with her life - to teach. She "lands" in New-York in 1792 (December, to be exact), and the harsh, blood-chilling climate welcomes her with a mighty blow.

That's when she first meets Nathaniel, a tall, handsome man who never lies and always speaks the truth. The Mohawk folks know him by a different name. He's white, but, for some reason, the fella dresses as a Native. Elizabeth wants to educate all the kids of the tiny village, including the native, white and black kiddos. However, she soon finds out that the local masters - slave owners - don't really like what she's trying to do.

Furthermore, her own pops doesn’t want to support her. Mr. Middleton is weak financially, and he's planning to wed his beautiful daughter with Mr. Todd - a doctor. That would solve all of his problems, but what about Elizabeth's feelings? She's forced to make a decision between doing what she wants and obeying her old man's will, and, with each passing day, it’s getting harder and harder to make that choice...

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