iron-lake-by-william-kent-kruegerThe Cork O'Connor series has been around for ages, and it includes as much as 14 full-length novels. Iron Lake is the very first installment in the franchise, so, if you've been a fan of William Kent Krueger, this is your best chance to follow the writer's creative path from the very beginning. The best-selling author made it into the list of the best mystery thriller/suspense novelists with this book, and the critics from all over the world called him a fresh, exciting voice.

This is a gripping, blood-chilling and addictive story that will make you forget about work, sleep, and your personal life. O'Connor used to be the sheriff of a small town in Minnesota. He's part Irish, and the other part comes from the Indians. Yes, he's got the best of the two worlds, so to speak, and he's going through a rough patch right now.

He's separated from his own kids, thanks to an epic fight with his wife, and he's trying to get by with the help of coffee and cigarettes. Back in the day, he used to be a cop in Chicago, and that means he's seen more than enough to never be shocked again in this life. However, when they find the town's judge dead, and an Eagle Scout goes missing, the ex-sheriff decides to uncover the real truth behind this conspiracy and single-handedly takes on corruption, scandal and everything in between.

The government officials are hell-bent on stopping O'Connor - one way or the other. A lakeside blizzard consumes the little town, but that's not what's bothering the cop the most: he's about to discover an old secret that hits closer to home than he could ever think. Will the man be able to reveal the truth behind the secrets and lies, or maybe it's too late and the depraved officials are already coming for him?

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