Irresistible In Love is a beautifully written, emotional, funny and sexy romantic story that will leave y'all speechless. As far as great spring-summer reads go, this book is right there on top of the line. This is the fourth novel in the bestselling Maverick Billionaires series about young, confident, self-made and handsome fellas who have everything they want except for the one and only women by their side.

Yes, true love is what's missing from their lives, and the men are out "hunting" for just the right ladies. Evan had a rough childhood, and, growing up, all he wanted to do was to break away from the horrors of poverty and to become a billionaire. He's a gifted man, and, when it comes to finances, he's pretty much a genius.

However, his idyllic world comes crashing down when he finds out that his marriage is fake and is built on secrets and lies. So, he turns to Paige, his wife's sister and the one and only person in the world who he trusts - 100%. Now, what he doesn't know is that Paige has always been in love with him, but she's never acted on her feelings, as he was a married man. She has kept it all to herself and waited for 9 long years for the chance to finally be with him.

For Evan, she's like a safe haven, a beacon of light, and, even though his heart is broken and he can't risk getting hurt again, he can't deny the fact that he's attracted to her and there are sparks flying between 'em. The horrors of the past are haunting him, but, with Paige but his side, he'll be able to "beat" whatever's coming his way. But what if their scandalous romance destroys their lives and his career?

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