It-Ends-With-Us-By-Coleen-HooverThe fans have been waiting for a while for Mrs. Hoover, a bestselling author, to come through with her highly anticipated new novel, and now, when It Ends With Us is available, we can all enjoy a terrific trip into a world of love, hate, fear, faith and devotion. It's a known fact that it's usually the people that you love that hurt you the most, and the novel's main character, Lily, knows it better than anyone. She's been dealing with day-to-day struggles for her entire life, but she never ceased going after her dream and the life that she really deserves.

She's originally from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere but she's not a little girl anymore - she finished college, moved to the big city and even runs her own business now. And, when she meets a handsome doctor named Ryle that she feels like falling for, it starts to seem like everything in her life is going exactly the way she dreamed it would.

The man is stubborn, presumptuous and even a bit rude. On the other hand, he's also gentle, kind, and feels the same way towards Lily. Oh, and he's got the body of a perfect man, too! The girl's thinking about him all the time, but Ryle doesn't really believe in relationships, and that frightens Lily a bit. Eventually, she does become an exception to his ridiculous rule, however, she still can't shake the feeling that something's about to go terribly wrong.

And that's when Atlas, a man she once knew and loved, comes back into her life, just when everything starts to feel great with Ryle. . Definitely a must-read for all the romantic novel fans out there.

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