It-Gets-Worse-A-Collection-of-Essays-by-Shane-DawsonShane Dawson, a best-selling author, is back with yet another uplifting, feel-good and hilarious collection of stories. The book contains a mighty line-up of real-life situations - fun, happy, extraordinary, humiliating, frustrating - all full of light, joy and an amazing attitude. Dawson had been named one of the best humorists of our time by many critics, and his previous book, I Hate Myselfie - a piece of art - is considered to be the most honest, true and funny observation of the cultural shifts in the 21st century. The fans thought that they knew everything about the author after reading the first book, but the truth is - Shane hasn't even scratched the surface yet! In It Gets Worse he shares even more intimate, shocking and intriguing stories about himself and his personal life.

There aren't a lot of autobiographies that can address the reader in that same bold, candid and undisguised manner without turning into a vulgar or simply corny pack of stories. As for Dawson's book, you'll get the opportunity to look inside the man's soul, his heart and mind and read about crazy stuff like how and when he lost his virginity, why he had to hire a psychic, and how he finally managed to embrace his bisexuality. H

is never-dying sense of humor and original approach to story-telling prove that you can talk about even the hardest things in life in a funny, positive way if you learn to laugh at yourself - even a little bit. So, there you have it: an inspiring, highly provocative, kind and simply stunning book! It Gets Worse is the voice of the new generation, a fresh, intelligent masterpiece.

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